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What To Bring To The Rehearsals


Ole Madsen

DRehearsals are conducted in the Chapel by your Officiant a few days prior to your ceremony. If you have not spoken to him simply contact him about a month before your special day to set up a date and time. Where people stand, how the bride is presented, who holds the rings, who is seated last, the recessional [exit] and any other personalized items are predetermined at the rehearsal.


Madsen’s own D.J. is usually responsible for the music and for the beginning and ending of the ceremony as well! Your Officiator will conduct the entire ceremony according to the agreed plans that you have made. Once you are standing in front of us we guide you through everything! Please bring your marriage license and the ceremony booklet to the rehearsal and leave them with Mr. Madsen. Make sure you place a stamp on the envelope


If you have not previously determined the vows, just highlight them and the words spoken during the ring exchange. You may also indicate other special ingredients by writing them into the sample ceremony and by informing you’re your Officiant of your wishes. If you wish to include something that reflects you’re cultural, religious, or social values into your ceremony please feel free to do so. You may also contact Rev John McKibbon before the wedding if you have questions or concerns.

Our Officiates are licensed by the Registrar General of Ontario.  In addition they also conduct Baptisms and Civil naming ceremonies.  Should you have questions about your wedding ceremony you may contact us ant time.  Left to right:            Jeff McQueen,                 Rev. John McKibbon,                    Richard Moore.



Starting the Ceremony: We suggest that you print on the invitations that guests arrive a half hour before the start time of the ceremony. [Example: Wedding @ 430 PM: Ceremony@ 500 PM. This provides time for friendly socialization and an opportunity for guests to arrive on time. It also facilitates a relaxed day for you, your guests and family.

Our Officiant usually arrives in time to meet the groom, time permitted, we then meet with the bride and her wedding party. Then do the documentation [please assure sufficient postage is on the licence envelope] and have a final review of the ceremony proceedings. We also coordinates the beginning of the ceremony and the seating of the V.I. P.

May you always have blessings … a soft breeze when summer comes, a warm fireside in winter, and always the warm, soft smile of a friend.”

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